The Lingo:
Fwc: Finished With Cream (A table spoon per 16 oz of soup)
Nd: No Dairy
Gf: Gluten Free
V: Vegetarian
Vv: Vegan

Regular  Soups:

CHICKEN STOCK:  Chicken Vegetable -served with or without noodles (Gf. without noodles. Nd.)

SEAFOOD STOCK: New England Clam & Corn Chowder (Gf. Fwc.)

BEEF STOCK: Chili Con Carne (Gf. Nd.)

CHICKEN STOCK: Matzo Ball Chicken Soup (Contains  Gluten)

CHICKEN STOCK: Vegetable Barley (Nd.)

CHICKEN STOCK: Spicy Yellow Split Pea(Gf. Nd.)

VEGAN: Tomato Butternut Corn (Gf.)

Specialty Soups:

SEAFOOD STOCK: Lobster Newburg (Gf. Fwc.)

CHICKEN STOCK: Chicken Pot Pie (Nd.) Served Single serving $ 7.30 or Quart $15.95

BEEF STOCK: Italian Beef Stew (Nd.)

VEGETARIAN: Spinach Twuce Baked Potato (Fwc. Gf.)

Ultimate Tortilla Chili: Our own Chili Con Carne layered with Corn Tortilla Strips,  avocado slices, hot banana peppers & shredded cheddar cheese (Gf.)                          (Quart size only)~$ 9.75~

Regular Soup Prices:  
12oz. Bowl $6.30
16oz. Pint $7.30
32oz. Quart $13.50
128oz. Gallon $45.95

Specialty Prices:
12oz. Bowl $7.30
16oz. Pint $9.20
32oz. Quart $15.95
128oz. Gallon $55.95

*Taxes are NOT included*

No matter which you choose, our soups come with your choice of plain or multi-grain ciabatta roll or oyster crackers.

Bowls with 1 roll/Pints with 2/Quarts with 3/Gallons with 10 Want extra?
Just 60 cents extra for rolls / 75 cents to add cheese / $1.50 for side bowl of just noodles
Our homemade Matzoh Ball $2.00