Seasonable Sides for today:


Fresh Beet Salad 
Fresh organic beets tossed with onions in a raspberry vinaigrette.

Skini Tuna Salad 
All white tuna with freshly chopped vegetables and a splash of lemon and olive oil.

Stuffed Grape Leaves 
Grape leaves filled with rice and seasonings, finished in a light olive oil dressing.

Tomato & Basil Pasta
Fresh cherry tomato and cellentini pasta tossed in a basil oil and french feta dressing.

Sesame Noodles 
Long noodles tossed with fresh crunchy vegetables in a fresh ginger and sesame soy blend. A Soup Factory favorite.

Baby Tomato and Mozzarella Salad 
Fresh grape tomatoes tossed with baby mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

Potato Salad 
Roasted sweet potatoes tossed with roasted red pepper oil and seasoned to perfection.