Oh yes, there is soup for you!

no-soup-for-ud3zqtMulligatawny up on the big board today!



Happy July! Tuscan Summer Strawberry, Roasted Red Pepper Mango, Summer Gazpacho for Chilled Soup today; all vegan.
Greek Lemon Chicken Orzo makes a comback, as does Vegetarian Lentil (beautiful vegan soup, loaded with veggies!). Come feel good about lunch!

Do you Puruz??

Do you Puruz??

Free italian ice with sandwich purchase! Today only for Puruz card holders only!!
Want to join in on the savings? Go to: http://puruz.com/sign-up/ to find out about more great local (very Salem!) deals.

It’s your lucky day!

It's your lucky day!

I know a few of you have been waiting (and asking!!) for Chinese Hot & Sour, Vegan Wild Porcini Mushroom and Viccyssoise…
Just put them out this morning, so come on by on this rainy Friday and get some goodness to feed your body well!

Summer has arrived after all!

Summer has arrived after all!

What’s better than New England Soup Factory hot Soup?? New England Soup Factory Chilled Soup! And, what’s better than not having italian ice?? Having real Philadelphia-style Italian Ice!! Come visit us for a true taste of summer.

Chilled Soups have Arrived!

Hungarian Black Cherry

Mango Lime Creme Fraiche

Red Tomato & Mango

8oz. Cup $5.25

The look of things to come!

The look of things to come!

Sad to say ‘goodbye’ to Pot Pie and Beef Stew for the summer season, but looking forward to Gazpacho and other summer favorites! 2 new for summer: Strawberry Almond & French Feta Salad and Ceasar Chicken Wrap!